Snack bites menu at Cabana Beach

Available between 08:00 - 22:00 hours

A variety of dried hams, chorizos, olives, aioli and tapenade

Mix platter
Platter with Dutch snacks and sauces

Mucho Nachos
Tortilla chips out of the oven with jalapeno peppers, meatloaf and melted Mozzarella cheese served with guacamole, tortilla sauce and sour creme

Sate Ajam
Indonesian style grilled chicken sate with peanut sauce

Spring Rolls
Vegetarian rolls served with chili sauce

Dutch Meat Balls
The famous dutch “bitterballen”

QB Ribs
The number one ribs of the island with 3 sauces

Side Order
French fries with mayonnaise and ketchup
(only in combination with one of the above dishes)

Chef's Bites
These bites are in the style of the Spanish Tapas, a few of the small dishes will become a meal.

Available wednesday & friday between 18:00 - 22:00 hours

Cone “Patatje oorlog”
French fries with onion, mayonnaise, and peanut sauce

Meatballs in garlic- tomato sauce

Mediterranean platter which includes meats and olives

Tempura Gamba
Tempura prawn with wasabi and soy sauce

Chicken sate
Chicken sate with peanut and fried peanuts

QB ribs
Spicy spare ribs, served with 3 sauces

Mixed platter
Diversity of fried snacks

Babi pangang
With sweet and sour sauce and atjar

Various sushi
Tuna, cucumber and prawn with wasabi and ginger