Welcome to the beautiful island Curaçao!

Experience for yourself what makes Curaçao so special!

Our exclusive beaches, spectaculair diving oppurtunities, remarkable architecture and many activities and adventures for everybody. Enjoy the best of what the Caribbean can offer you: Curaçao!

Diving paradise

Curaçao offers one of the best diving locations in the world. Kontiki Beach Resort is located near the street Bapor Kibra where you can explore one of the best diving places of the island. Our Underwater world is so colorful and inspiring, you will never forget this wonderful experience.

Dare to dive?


When you plan to visit Willemstad, you will see lot's of old and new cultures been brought together. The architecture of this harbour city, the activities and the remarkable streets are the historical centrum of the island.

Colorful architecture

Curaçao's rich past is brought back to life by beautiful architecture throughout the island — especially in the capital Willemstad.


Curaçao has a culture with many different languages. Although Dutch is the official language in Curaçao, the people are speaking English and Spanish too, but the most island inhabitants are speaking Papiamento: A mix of Spanish, Portugees, Dutch, French, English and Arawak Indian.

Did you know?

  • The currency on Curaçao is the Antillean guilder (ANG). 1 EURO is equal to 2,00 ANG;
  • The Queen Juliana Bridge is a whopping 55 meters high;
  • Before the construction of the Queen Juliana Bridge, the Queen Emma Bridge (Pontjesbrug) was the only connection between Punda and Otrabanda;
  • The official national languages are Dutch and Papiamento;
  • The population of Curaçao consists of approximately 150,000 inhabitants;
  • About 40,000 tourists travel to the center of the Caribbean every year;
  • The time difference with the Netherlands is 6 hours in summer time and 5 hours in winter time.
  • The international access code for Curacao is 5999.

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