Fan of Fish?


The Cabana Beach Fish market offers a wide range  of freshly caught fish.

Presented on the impressive open air- Buffet: Let our chef advise you on the diversity of culinary surprises we can prepare for you. The most exciting experience of the fish market might be that you are choosing your own fresh fish which our chef will be grilling for you.

The formula is honest and simple. The fresh fish is prized per 100 grams. You tell the chef how much of each type  you prefer. Your choices will be professionally portioned and weighted. When your plate of tailor made fish is be served with a complimentary garniture.

Other than delicious fish, The fish market is an evening with a wide range of entertainment. You will find stands where retailer show their products, from delicious wines, to clothes and accessories from popular brands. To make the evening complete we offer you great live music. ‘Diner Grooves Live’ Where our DJ is being accompanied by the greatest musicians of Curacao.

We wish you a beautiful evening!