Substation Curaçao

During the Adrenaline Dive you go on a high-octane dive as you yourney through untraveled depths of the sea that few eyes have seen before, all within the scope of one hour! During this dive, we go to 450ft (137m) to the Stella Maria, a shipwreck at a depth of about 300 ft, that has been resting on the seafloor for over three decades, fully on display for those curious to witness its splendor.
Price upon request per person, all pictures included.

The Explorer’s Dive has its ‘Beauty Run’ nickname for good reason! During this dive, we give you a 1,5 hour tour of our favorite section of the reef with beautiful sponges and sea fans still touched by sunlight. We will also come across two small shipwrecks on our descent to beyond 500 ft (157m) of open sea.
Price upon request per person, all pictures included.

In one of our most exciting dives, the combo dive, we go down to 1000 ft (305m) for an exhilarating dive that comprises 2 hours. Behold the breathtaking view of underwater fauna still touched by the sun’s rays before we go down deeper beyond it reach.
Price upon request per person, all pictures included.

Excursion restrictions:
Minimum age for participation in 8 years old but if the safety mask fits, it is possible to deviate from age requirement.
Participants are not under the influence of alcohol, drugs, sedatives, or presently to be using any medication that can adversely affect the participants physical and/or mental state. Persons on prescribed medicine for daily intake need to have taken enough supply to cover 5 days.

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