Wellness at Mood Beach

Beauty treatments

The sun, sea, temperature, the beach and the saltwater pools of Kontiki Beach Resort together are sufficient for a real wellness holiday. You can enjoy additional treatments and relaxation in the extensive wellness area.

At Mood Beach there is an extensive wellness area, where the employees are ready for you. You can enjoy a massage while listening to the sound of the sea, or book a refreshing pedicure or manicure treatment.

You can easily make an appointment at our front office.


90 min. massage

NAF. 220



60 min. massage

NAF. 140



45 min. massage

NAF. 100



30 min. massage

NAF. 80



20 min. massage

NAF. 65



Classic manicure & pedicure

Classic manicure

NAF. 52



Classic pedicure

NAF. 65



Classic nail polish

NAF. 35



Gel manicure & pedicure

Gel manicure

NAF. 62



Gel pedicure

NAF. 75



Gel nail polish

NAF. 40



Book a hotel room

Can't wait to enjoy the wonderful saltwater pools of Kontiki Beach Resort? Book a hotel room or suite and enjoy a wonderful overnight stay in our resort, including access to the swimming pool and beautiful beaches.