Ocean Lens

The first of its kind underwater observatory ‘The Ocean Lens’.
Curacao Sea Aquarium recently added a new attraction to its existing submersible fleet, an underwater observatory with the ‘ultimate view into the blue’. Giving guests the opportunity to experience the open water without getting wet.

The Ocean Lens Curaçao is an innovative underwater observatory located at SubStation Curaçao. (Sea Aquarium Park) Guests will walk down a stairs and at 17 feet/5.2 meter depth enter into a chamber with a large window, referred to as the lens. The lens directly overlooks the reef drop off in spacious, air-conditioned comfort. Surrounded by beautiful reef, guests lay down in front of the lens and experience an abundance of colors, fish, coral conservation trees and possibly even the CuraSub descending into the deep. Ocean Lens Curaçao will offer guests the opportunity to an introduction to Sea Aquarium and Substation, learning about the park’s conservation practices and scientific discoveries. Above all, guests are accompanied by a marine expert to witness the underwater world up close without ever getting their feet wet! One spot...plenty to do!

Curaçao Sea Aquarium has been a top attraction on the island for 32 years, giving guests the opportunity to experience the richness of local marine life and interacting with them. From swimming with dolphins in the open water to exploring the deep with its very own sub marine, CuraSub, the park lives up to their slogan ‘one spot... plenty to do’.

Conservation and education
One of the park’s core missions is to contribute to the conservation of underwater ecosystems and to educate guests on its preservation by facilitating exposure and interaction. What most guests may not realize is that all lagoons are natural, the dolphins swim in open water daily and that the entire park works with an ‘open water system’, meaning that sea water directly flows through all the aquaria, benefiting the ecosystem in numerous ways. Above all, the Curasub has significantly contributed to science, having discovered over 60 new species and continuously monitoring the wellbeing and migration patterns of marine life.

We offer a 1,5 hour, fully guided tour with a maximum of 6 people. The entrance of Curacao Sea Aquarium is included in the fee. This tour is not suitable for people with limited mobility and the minimum age is 8 years old.

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