Mood Beach

Located next to Cabana Beach, is Mood Beach. Mood Beach is an upscale beach club that is committed to providing superior service. With a spectacular beachfront location, lounge and personalized service, mood beach is the ultimate getaway.  

With an impressive array of comfortable beach beds, which are divided into different categories such as: comfort beach beds, cabanas, family cabanas and vip cabana, Mood Beach is committed to providing you superior service in a luxurious and relaxing environment. The mission is simply your satisfaction. 

At Mood Beach, serving quality food and drinks at high standards is priority. From beautiful dishes with just the right mix of flavors to tasty cocktails and thirst-quenching non-alcoholic sips, Mood Beach has all the dishes and drinks you need to keep you, your friends and family happy. Mood Beach strives to make use of fresh and high quality products to refresh your mind and boost your mood. 

Whether you’re in a cocktail mood, party mood, lunch mood, chill mood or any mood! As long as it's a good mood!