Enjoy the Caribbean intimacy

Steak market

The Cabana Steak market offer a prime selection of the most beautiful steaks, presented on the impressive open-air buffet. Let our chef advise you on the diversity you and tell us how you prefer them, we grill it for you! a Delicious freshly grilled mail guaranteed!

The formula is honest and simple. The steaks are prized per 100 grams. You tell the chef how much of each type you prefer. Your  choices will be professionally portioned and weighted. when your plate of tailor made steaks is complete, we will grill it for you. When ready, your freshly grilled meal will be served with a complimentary garniture.

Other than delicious food, live entertainment makes the steak complete. From 20:00, Gino Coelho in his piano, with changing vocalist will bring you the ultimate Caribbean atmosphere.

We wish you a beautiful evening!